Short-term Loans

This is a loan facility established to finance interim requirements to manage inventory, accounts receivables and payables, cash and other working capital-related corporate expenses.

Term Loan Financing

A loan product set-up to finance capital expenses related to plant expansion, equipment and machinery purchases, land acquisition and other intermediate term requirements.

Syndicated Financing

For large-scale financing requirements denominated in Philippine Pesos or US Dollars, CTBC BANK can organize a group or syndicate of banks and investors who will each act as a participating lender in the facility.

Omnibus Facility

A multi-purpose credit line which may be drawn on a one-time or multiple basis.

Discounting Facility

A type of credit line granted by the bank against an assignment of post-dated checks issued by the bank-customer's vendors. Repayment of the loan is taken from the proceeds of the matured post dated checks.

Domestic Bills Purchase Line

A type of financing product where the bank purchases current dated checks

List of Acceptable IDs