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Back-to-Back Loan

Brief Description

Back-to-Back Loan is a standby loan available to existing Savings and Time Deposit account holders that intends to bridge financial gaps for personal and business purpose.


For a minimum of PhP100,000. loan, a client can borrow against his Savings and Time Deposit in Peso or US Dollar.


  • Conforme
  • Offering Ticket (OT)
  • Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA)
  • Two (2) copies of notarized Promissory Note with Deed of Assignment (PNDA)
  • Marital consent shall be required unless waiver for such condition is stipulated in the Offering Ticket (for assignors who are married)
  • In case of corporate borrowers, a Secretary's Certificate on the Corporation's Board of Approval:
    • authorizing the Officers of the Corporation to secure a loan from the Bank
    • authorizing the use of the deposit as a collateral for the loan
    • specifiying the authorized signatories for the documents related to the transactions
  • Certificate of Time Deposit duly endorsed by the depositor/assignor or passbook stamped "With Hold-Out"