We trace our family roots to our Parent Bank, CTBC Bank, one of the largest and most stable private financial institutions in Taiwan.  Founded in 1966, our Parent Bank has proven to be not only more resilient through the years, but also even better positioned to grow steadily in asset size, product range, and client base.  Its sound performance has earned for it an elite standing as one of the most awarded institutions in Taiwan, having consistently received recognition from independent international publications in the financial industry. Vital to this track record has been CTBC Bank’s success at adapting to financial liberalization and internationalization, as reflected by its expanding services as well as locations both in Taiwan and abroad.

Today, the CTBC Bank presence as a caring, trustworthy, and professional brand is strongly felt in various markets in the United States, Canada, Japan, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Vietnam, and China. In all these locations, CTBC Bank endeavors to become one of the best-managed banks in the world in terms of creating customer and shareholder value. Its strength and reliability are well-established. Having instilled the “We are Family” spirit throughout the organization, CTBC Bank intends to build on this base and evolve resolutely into a Taiwan champion and Asian leader.