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CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp.

CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp. was established in 1995, when the country opened up to the entry of foreign banks. Amid an intensely competitive arena, CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp. distinguished itself with a niche-based strategy that demonstrated its efficiency, innovativeness, and customer focus. We drew strength from the global reputation and track record of CTBC, our Parent Bank in Taiwan, and complemented these with our own unique touch of local service and innovation.

In the Philippines, our brand promise "We are Family" has gained new meaning while also holding true to the tradition set by our Parent Bank. CTBC Bank (Philippines) Corp. has achieved this balance by focusing effectively on our chosen markets and developing active partnerships with customers. The results may be seen in our Bank's solid financial performance, innovative products, and responsive services enabled by technology. More importantly, it has shown in the growth that our clients have attained with the Bank by their side.

As we chart our future, we continue to leverage on our Parent Bank franchise and reinforce our efforts to become truly global in our Bank's vision, products and services, systems, and operations. Equally significant has been our emphasis on good corporate governance, keeping pace with international standards and exercising prudence in managing our Bank's resources and risk-taking activities. We remain firmly committed to these goals toward realizing long-term growth while we build our clients' investments, develop our employees' talents and skills, and nurture the communities around us. In directing our capabilities toward these directions, we move closer to our promise of a future secured.

We are Family. We are Caring, Trustworthy, and Professional. We are CTBC Bank.