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Peso Fixed Income

Brief Description

CTBC Bank offers a wide array of Peso fixed income securities to suit your investment needs.

With our competitive rates, CTBC Bank is an excellent choice for buying or selling your Treasury Bills, Retail Treasury Bonds, Fixed Rate Treasury Notes, Global Peso Notes and Corporate Bonds to achieve your investment goals.


  • Individuals/Corporations:
    • Broker ustomer Information Form (CIF)
    • Broker Agreement
    • Client Suitability Assessment Form / Risk Profile Questionnaire
    • Risk Disclosure Statement
    • Valid Identification Card/s
    • Signature Card
    • Corporate Papers
      1. Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution
      2. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
      3. General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Other documents as required by third party custodian or by Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation (for Peso Corporate Bonds)

List of Acceptable IDs