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Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs)

Brief Description

Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) are medium to long-term negotiable and transferable debt instrument of the National Government issued by the Bureau of Treasury.

With our competitive rates, CTBC Bank can buy/sell your RTBs to address your investment needs.

Other benefits of investing in Retail Corporate Bonds include the following:

  • Generally pay a higher rate of return than time deposits with a similar tenor
  • Offer quarterly interest income throughout the tenor
  • Can be redeemed anytime before maturity at prevailing market rates
  • A wide range of various tenors are available


  • 3 to 25 year tenors
  • Sold at par, premium or discount
  • Quarterly coupon payments with face value and last coupon payment redeemed upon maturity
  • Minimum investment of PhP100,000
  • Subject to 20% withholding tax (for tax-exempt clients, please submit pertinent documents)
  • T+1 Settlement


  • Individuals/Corporations
    • Broker Customer Information Form
    • Broker Agreement
    • Client Suitability Assessment / Risk Profile Questionnaire
    • Risk Disclosure Statement
    • Valid Identification Card/s
    • Signature Cards
    • Order Ticket
    • Corporate Papers
      1. Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution
      2. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
      3. General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Other documents as required by the third party custodian

After securing these requirements, you may start investing in Bonds by following these steps:

  • Check the current rate.*
  • Subscribe to your selected RTB in the nearest CTBC Bank branch or contact your Relationship Manager/Account Officer.
  • Review your RTB rate regularly to take advantage of possible capital gains or stay invested until it matures.
  • *Please refer to your Relationship Manager/Account Officer for the latest rate.

List of Acceptable IDs