Living Trusts

Brief Description

The client, who is called the Trustor, acts and transfers the title or ownership of the property or fund to the Bank’s Trust & Investment Services Division (TISD), which acts as your Trustee. The Trustee holds, controls, and manages the property or fund for your benefit as the Trustor and/or for the benefit of your designated beneficiary/ies.

Having a Living Trust Account enables you to access the Bank’s expertise in formulating and executing the appropriate investment strategy suited to your specific risk tolerance level and objectives. TISD reviews the investment performance periodically and sends quarterly financial reports to you so that you remain updated on the account performance and activity.


Client benefits from formulation of an investment strategy given their risk tolerance and objectives. Investment performance is reviewed periodically to gauge against stated risk objectives. Financial reports are sent quarterly for clients to monitor investment performance and activity.


  • Complete Trust documentation requirements
  • minimum investment of PhP505,000.
  • The account should be maintained for a minimum of six (6) months