Peso Corporate Bonds

Brief Description

Peso Corporate Bonds are medium to long-term negotiable and transferable debt instruments, issued by a Corporation.

With our competitive rates, CTBC Bank can buy/sell your Peso Corporate Bonds to address your investment needs.

Other benefits of investing in Peso Corporate Bonds include the following:

  • Generally pay a higher rate of return than time deposits with a similar tenor
  • Offer either semi-annual or quarterly interest income throughout the tenor if held until maturity
  • Can be redeemed anytime before maturity at prevailing market rates
  • A wide range of various tenors are available


  • 3 to 10 year tenors
  • Semi-annual or quarterly coupon payments with face value and last coupon payment redeemed upon maturity
  • Minimum investment of PhP100,000
    • Subject to the minimum denomination prescribed by the issuer
  • Subject to 20% withholding tax (for tax-exempt clients, please submit pertinent documents)
  • T+1 Settlement


  • Individuals/Corporations:
    • Broker Customer Information Form
    • Broker Agreement
    • Client Suitability Assessment / Risk Profile Questionnaire
    • Risk Disclosure Statement
    • Two (2) Valid Government Issued Identification Cards
    • Signature Cards
    • Order Ticket
    • Corporate Papers
      1. Secretary's Certificate or Board Resolution
      2. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
      3. General Information Sheet (GIS)
    • Other documents as required by the third party custodian, the Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation or the issuer

After securing these requirements, you may start investing in Bonds by following these steps:

  • Check the current rate.*
  • Subscribe to your selected Peso Corporate Bond in the nearest CTBC Bank branch or contact your Relationship Manager/Account Officer.
  • Review your Peso Corporate Bond rate regularly to take advantage of possible capital gains or stay invested until it matures.

*Please refer to your Relationship Manager/Account Officer for the latest rate.