Brief Description

For assets that need safekeeping, such as stock certificates, fixed-income securities, Transfer Certificates of Title, and other important documents like life insurance policies, the client may turn them over to the Bank for maximum protection. These assets remain available to the client and subject to his instructions at all times, so he still holds complete control over his account. CTBC BANK will only perform orders to buy, sell, subscribe for, transfer and exchange securities only upon your specific instructions. We will promptly transmit all advice covering the detailsof each transaction on the account so that the client can keep his records up-to-date.


Safekeeping by the Bank ensures that the client's investments receive prompt and efficient servicing, and is freed from the cumbersome work of watching securities constantly, checking the correctness of dividend payments, sending coupons for collections, exercising subscription rights, and the like. The Bank will inform the client about major developments in the companies concerned so that he can decide to sell these securities at the right time or take advantage of pre-emptive rights.


  • Complete Trust documentation, including Safekeeping Agreement