Brief Description

This is a disbursement service whereby the Bank debits the corporate client's deposit account and distributes the money to its employees payroll account representing salaries and/or wages for a given period.


Payroll Account

There are three different payroll accounts that the client can use for its employees:

  • For Officers/Managers: Current Account
  • For Staff/Rank & File: Savings Account or Cash Card Account
  • For Contractual: Cash Card Account

Card Type

The ATM card that is issued to the employee's respective account shall depend upon the account opened per employee:

  • CTBC Bank Visa Debit & ATM Card
  • CTBC Bank Visa Cash Card

Faster turn-around time

Opening of accounts, production of cards and release/distribution of these cards are done automatically.


  • Account Opening Form (AOF)
  • Identification Documents (Corporate)
  • Registration at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Board Resolution
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Agreement

Please refer to your Relationship Manager/Account Officer for other pertinent documents required.

List of Acceptable IDs