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CTBC Bank Visa Debit & Cash Card

Brief Description

This is a versatile and multi-purpose ATM card that is re-loadable online and in real-time via CTBC Bank's secure and user-friendly NetBanking facility, or via Automated Data Exchange. The client can use this card for his disbursement requirements – i.e. payroll disbursements, loan proceeds, incentives, remittances, among others.


The client has the option to disburse through the following modes:

  • CTBC Bank Visa Debit & ATM Card which is linked to a Peso Savings or Peso Checking Account*
  • CTBC Bank Visa Cash Card which is linked to plain Cash Card accounts

If used to disburse payroll accounts, there are no initial deposits required.


  • No required minimum maintaining balance
  • No transaction fees when using the CTBC Bank ATM
  • Worldwide ATM Access
  • Worldwide Shopping

Deposit Pricing and ATM Fees


List of Acceptable IDs