Ultimate CheckWriter

Brief Description

It is a checking account that comes with an interactive and transactional accounts payable program to assist the client in his day-to-day financial activity. The program will automate the entire disbursement process of the client starting from voucher preparation to application of accounting entries to issuance of checks, moving on to administration, and finally monitoring of payments.


Data Warehousing

Records and maintains clients' deposit account transactions, payee information, journal entries, voucher templates for regular payment, payment history, and most importantly, users who accessed the program.

Electronic Workflow

Allows sets of users to prepare, review, approve or disapprove vouchers prior to actual printing of checks.

Notification and Alarm

Alerts the user to place a check re-order request based on its pre-set inventory of unused checks; notifies the user of the payment due for the day and the immediately succeeding day.

Multiple reports

Generates various reports grouped into several categories — i.e. check-related, voucher-related, account and payment-related, tax-related and audit trail.


Titles of several fields can be renamed to suit client's unique accounting requirement.


Oversee clients' income and expenses, either on screen or with printed reports. A great tool for discussions about the family or business finances.


Communicates with other account payable application that handles and controls inventory, sales invoicing and vouchering.


  • Account Opening Form (AOF)
  • Identification Documents:
    • For Individuals - Photocopy of any government-issued ID (i.e. passport, SSS ID, driver's license, etc.)
    • For Corporations:
      1. Registration at Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
      2. Board Resolution
      3. Articles of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of Agreement

Please refer to your Relationship Manager/Account Officer for other pertinent documents required.

Deposit Pricing and ATM Fees

List of Acceptable IDs