MySaves Cash Card

Brief Description

The CTBC Bank MySaves Cash Card is an electronic money with security features that is efficient to disburse cash and payments. This Card is a practical tool for payroll disbursements, loan proceeds, incentives, remittances, among others.


No Maintaining Balance Needed

This Card works like any Debit Card that receives funds from an existing source account. It is convenient and secured with real time cash loading. Cash loaded to the Card can be used at any given time to perform ATM withdrawals, bills payment, fund transfers, among others.

Worldwide ATM Access

The CTBC Bank MySaves Cash Card can be used to withdraw cash at any CTBC Bank ATMs, at over 20,000 BancNet ATMs nationwide, and at over 2.7 million Visa-affiliated ATMs worldwide.

Real-time Cash Reloading

MySaves Cash Cardholders can easily load their card up to PhP200,000 per month in any:

  • CTBC Bank branches with a reloading fee of PhP10.00
  • ECPay partner outlets with a reloading fee of 2.5% of the loading amount

Worldwide Shopping

Cardholders can pay for groceries or shop in all establishments bearing the Visa logo worldwide and BancNet logo nationwide. All he needs to do is swipe and sign to pay for purchases at any outlet (supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, etc.) and the total amount of purchases will be debited automatically from the Card at no extra charges.

Deposit Pricing and ATM Fees