SSS Visa Cash Card

Brief Description

The SSS Visa Cash Card is the fastest way of getting pension claims (Retirement, Disability and Death Claim) as it is conveniently loaded in a Cash Card.


No Maintaining Balance Needed

Unlike a credit card that extends credit to the cardholder that is payable on a specific date, the Card is already loaded with cash from your pension.

Worldwide ATM Access

The SSS Visa Cash Card can be used to withdraw cash at any CTBC Bank ATMs and at over 20,000 BancNet ATMs nationwide. And since it is also a Visa Card, the pensioner can withdraw cash at over 2.7 million Visa-affiliated ATMs worldwide.

Worldwide Shopping

The pensioner can pay for groceries or shop in all establishments bearing the Visa logo worldwide and BancNet logo nationwide. All he needs to do is swipe and sign to pay for purchases at any outlet (supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, etc.) and the total amount of purchases will be debited automatically from the Card at no extra charges.

Deposit Pricing and ATM Fees